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 Is Customised draft for Online Registered Rent Agreement possible?
No, its not possible to customise the agreement as per needs. Its a Government recognised format, that covers most of the Tenancy clauses. There is a Miscellaneous Section is available to where additional conditions can be added.

 Does the agreement necessarily have to be printed on stamp paper?
Not at all. You may print your agreement on regular paper & just attached the receipt of your stamp duty (paid online or offline)

 Do you assist with Police Verification?
For Police verification, you just need to fill up a form and submit to the nearest Police Station. We provide you all information and guidance required to complete this process Free of Cost. We do not personally assist you with it.

 Can I complete the registration facility for my Mumbai property from Bangalore?
If you are present anywhere in India, we have help you e-register your agreement at your doorstep. All you need is PAN card, Aadhaar number, access to Windows PC and a reliable internet connection.

 How much does it cost?
A calculator is provided for exact pricing. click here calculate exact amount

 Can documents relating to the immovable property situated in one city be registered in a different city?
As per Registration Act, 1908 documents are required to be presented for registration in the office of sub-registrar within whose jurisdiction the property or a portion of the property is situated. With e-registration, you need not travel to the city for registration any more. For example, if you are a resident of Pune and you own a property in Mumbai, you do not travel to Mumbai just for the purpose of registration. You may complete your registration formalities from the comfort of your home in Pune itself

 Do I have to visit Government Registration Office?
No. With MahaLegal, you get doorstep service for Rent Agreement Registration. The Agreement is submitted in front of you in 15 minutes for Registration at your convenience.

 What if the Landlord & Tenant are in different cities?
We can visit them separately if they are in a different city and make it completely hassle-free for you.

 What if I don’t have a Aadhar/ Pan Card?
Give us a call and we will guide you accordingly.

 Who will pay Stamp Duty & Registration Fees?
Stamp duty for Rent Agreement Registration and registration charges will be paid online by MahaLegal. Customer will receive E-Challan at end of the registration.

 Can a person having Power of Attorney (POA) be involved for E-Registration incase the the owner is outside Country?
Yes. POA holder can be the licensor of the property. The Agreement will be registered on the name of POA instead of the Owner’s name.

 Can multiple Tenants be added in the E-Registration Document?
Multiple Tenants can be added provided they have Aadhaar and PAN number

 How many days will it take for Rent Agreement Registration?
After submission it will take maximum 2-3 working days to get the Rent Agreement registered. We keep our clients updated on the status; in case of any delay, from the Government.